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Product R&D

Who would have known that it was so difficult to cut marble to 5mm or less and laminate it onto various products? It was tried in the 1990’s but failed to get off the ground due to the expensive, thick, aluminium honeycomb used then.

Today it is made with inexpensive, lightweight, three dimensional fibreglass but can also be attached to glass and porcelain.

Relationships between the manufacturer and Alastair go back 20 years to the days when the company started selling mosaics to Alastair’s company, Stonell Ltd. This manufacturing company is now one of the largest manufacturers of mosaics in the world and branched out into lightweight marble panels in 2015.

It has spent three and a half years in research and development of laminating marble onto various substrates and is still progressing this development today.

Alastair demolished and rebuilt his house in 2017, using a lot of solid marble but the first-hand experience as a client, rather than a supplier, taught him that the hidden costs of moving and fixing solid marble made laminated marble a highly desired product. Fixing time and costs are reduced by two thirds, allowing cladding and floor-laying to be done at three times the speed.

The manufacturers process of laminated marble is shrouded in secrecy.

However, you can take advantage of it by seeing it in action on this website, the first time ever that complete, laminated marble tables have been sold online, directly to the public.

The sealant used is also ground-breaking and was launched only a few months ago but solved a decades’ long, serious problem that haunted those using marble for products in contact with food and drink – staining and etching.

Now resolved, we can all heave a sigh of relief and use marble for what it was really meant for: pure, visual and practical enjoyment!