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Marble Maintenance

There are a few things you need to take into consideration before purchasing your table.

Marble is vulnerable to staining and etching, but we have taken care of this by applying a special sealant.

This is a type of lacquer finish and is currently the best on the market for marble. Its finish is not as 100% perfect as a shiny, brand new piece of marble but it is very close and it does an excellent job.

The most important thing is that it seals the surface. This lacquer can always be removed at a later date and be replaced; it does not need to have the marble reground.

Advantages of a table from The Marble Table Top Company.

  • Beauty and uniqueness is top of the list of advantages of marble. A marble dining table will compliment any décor and become a conversation piece with your guests.
  • Marble is durable if cared for properly and with proper care, it just may outlast many other pieces of furniture in your home!
  • It will never really go out of style. It is a useful piece of furniture that you are likely to use hundreds of times and is an addition to your home that you won’t need to change or replace.
  • Our marble table tops are available in a number of beautiful, natural colours, and over time, there will be additional colours in the range. Our tables are designed for a contemporary, modern look.
  • Our tables are so portable that you can move them around easily and even take them out onto your veranda or balcony for a romantic evening meal!

Maintenance of Marble Top Tables

Our marble tables have a special sealant that requires a slightly acidic cleaner, which we provide initially, free of charge.

Over time, you will need to purchase more. Normally, bare marble is sensitive to commonly used drinks such as wine, coffee, colas and many household cleaners.

These damage the surface. Even a plain glass of water will leave a ring. With our sealant, you have several hours to clean off any spills but you will need to take care of the sealant by not treating it roughly.

Looking after a Marble Table

If you own a marble dining table, you will want to use table pads to cover the surface when serving meals.

Only use the cleaner we recommended for marble. Traditional household cleaners that contain chemicals can damage the surface of your table. Do not use wax or any other polishing product on the surface of the table as it could cause serious damage to the sealant.