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Q) What happens if you run out of stock?

A). We are on a rolling 6 week delivery program and so your order will be delivered in 6 weeks rather than 5 days.

Q) How does the price of laminated stone compare with normal 20mm marble?

A). Laminating anything costs more than the existing product when using inexpensive marble. As the cost of the marble climbs, the more expensive marbles become cheaper, because we split the slab in two, thereby obtaining twice the amount of material to laminate. The cost of laminating doesn’t change and when divided up between two pieces, the final price will be lower than 2cm marble.

Q) Is it real marble?

A). Yes, but it is only 5mm thick rather than 20mm and laminated onto hollow, three-dimensional fibreglass i.e. not solid fibreglass.

Q) Does that make it weaker?

A). No. Laminating anything makes it stronger but, in this case, it makes the marble up to 60 times stronger.

Q) Why is normal marble weak?

A). Marble contains veins that will, if knocked hard, split apart. When marble is laminated, resin bonding it to fibreglass or anything else makes it stronger.

Q) Why is it so light?

A). Marble weighs 51kg/m2 but our material weighs around 14kg/m2 because we only use a quarter of the marble plus the weight of 3D fibreglass (fibreglass with strands and a backing mesh).

Q) All marble is porous and stains – why does yours not do so?

A). We have coated ours with a polyester resin that totally seals the marble against staining and acid attack. This allows you to use and keep the table inside or occasionally outside and having it look good for years.

Q) What is so special about reducing the weight of marble?

A). Solid marble tables are cumbersome and hard to move around easily. When banged against other marble tables they will easily chip, especially in restaurants. By reducing the weight, the tables become highly portable and allow you to move them from room to room or outside.

Q) How do I treat the table?

A). Like any other marble top – with care. Marble will scratch if treated badly and if you scrub it too hard with strong chemicals or abrasives, you can rub off the protective layer stopping it from staining. Use the cleaner provided.

Q) Why have I not seen this product before?

A). These products have been made using the very latest technology and over three years of Research & Development.

Q) Can I order any colour of marble?

A). Yes, up to a point. We have access to around 80 different colours of marble but holding so many in stock is impossible. As demand grows and we may start to take orders for custom colours not shown on this site.

Q) What quality is the marble?

A). The marbles we supply are of a very high quality. We do not use seconds or lower grade products because our reputation and that of our supplier is at stake. Our supplier is a very large, fully integrated marble company with international clients. Its main market is the United States.

Q) I want to order my own size and colour of marble. Is this possible?

A). Yes, it is, but the order time will be around 6 weeks.

Q) I don’t want a table top, I want a bath/washbasin/countertop. Can you help?

A). Yes, just send us drawings and we will price up the job. We can clad lifts, yachts, apartments, in fact anywhere where the beauty of stone is required without the cumbersome weight that goes with it.

Q) Can I have a different thickness of fibreglass?

A). Yes. We can offer 5mm or 15mm at present. In certain circumstances such as cladding walls, we may need to switch to aluminium honeycomb which is fire rated, stronger and more robust.

Q) Can you laminate marble onto other products?

A). Yes, we can laminate onto glass, porcelain, aluminium and even itself.

Q) How big could I have a piece of laminated marble?

A). As big as the block of stone from which it is cut. So, a slab of 2.5m x 1.5m is usually always possible. Handling such large pieces does become harder though, even if lifting it is so much easier!

Q) Is laminating marble eco-friendly?

A). Yes, it is. By halving 20mm slabs into 10mm slabs prior to polishing them down to 5mm, we will use only half the material in a quarry compared to existing methods. Marble is a finite resource and we are therefore helping to conserve what is still left in the ground.

Q. Will you be offering other standard items likes book shelves, lampshades etc?

A). Yes, we plan to offer a whole range of very useful items that will add beauty to your home or office.