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About Us

Forging beautiful marble products for your home and office.

Founder’s Note

It is said that there are four types of entrepreneurs: The Leader, The Adventurer, The Reporter and The Reluctant Hero.

I am The Adventurer. I love going out and discovering new products, developing them and then and showing them to a new audience who can appreciate what I have discovered. And so it is with laminated marble.

When I was first shown the product, I did not take much interest in it until it was explained to me properly.

The first product shown to me has now, after six months, become version three and all the while I have lived and breathed the product, it has been improved and tweaked.

I am so excited to be part of a game-changing and revolutionary product and I intend to explore new possibilities for this marble, especially combining it with the LED technology also discovered in my travels.

Illuminated marble and onyx adds a ‘wow’ factor that, up until now, was not possible without spending vast sums of money but I intend this to change all of that as well. In the meanwhile, I’ll try and keep my feet firmly on the ground.

– Alastair Jessel

About The Marble Table Top

We have revolutionised the way these tables are made and sold using the very latest technology.

  • No HIDDEN delivery charges,
  • No HIDING the weight of each table,
  • No PROMISE of 6 – 8 week’s delivery time,

…just that we will DELIVER to you WITHIN 5 working days to ANY floor of ANY building in ANY part of the UK and Europe.

About The Founder

Alastair Jessel started life in the City of London as a stockbroker and then, after nine years, left to become an entrepreneur. In his thirties, he created a stone business called Stonell, which ended up with 8 showrooms, 35 staff and around £5m a year turnover by the time he was 40.

He lectured RIBA architects on using stone in their projects for their Continuing Professional Development qualifications and helped introduce Chinese slate, Jerusalem limestone, Mexican travertine, Indian slate and sandstone, Italian basalt and many other wall and flooring stones into the UK in the 1990’s.

In 2003 he left the UK business and started Stonell FZE in Sharjah and Dubai, working on numerous projects in Dubai Marina, with his own contracting team supplying and laying marble and granite having laid marble in such places as Emaar Properties’ Head Office, Madinat Jumeirah, The Hilton and Grosvenor House.

He came to be known as ‘Professor Marble’ after all of this.

In 2018 he discovered a new manufacturing process for marble that really captured his imagination. By using it, he could see an endless list of possible uses for it in the coming years: furniture, shelving, staircases, showers, kitchen tops and even curved walls.

Being 70% lighter than existing marble, it opened new possibilities of transport as well.
He is now well and truly back in marble again and has started with sealed, marble table tops, creating a unique website that allows online browsing and ordering with the click of a button or finger.